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Begin Your Bibimbap

Bibimbap Backpackers are sponsored by Hawaii Korean Cultural Center.

The “Bibimbap Backpackers” is a group of young enthusiastic individuals who saw the potential health benefits of Bibimbap. Since its launch in 2011, the Bibimbap Backpackers toured 200 countries across the world and handed out 30,000 bowls of Bibimbap through 300 campaighns.

Our campaign, “Begin Your Bibimbap,” aims to promote healthy eating by introducing Bibimbap to people across the globe.

Republic of Korea

South Korea is located in East asia, between China and Japan. It is the host of the 2002 World cup, 2010 G-20 Summit, and 2018 Winter Olympics. It is also the homeland of Gang-nam Style singer Psy and LA Dodgers’ pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin.

Let’s learn more about South Korea!

1. Hangul (Korean alphabet), 한글

Hangul has garnered unanimous praise from language experts for its scientific design and excellence. Before Hangul was created, Koreans had used Chinese alphabets. But it was difficult for the lower class to learn and write, so King Sejong created Korean own alphabet, Hangul, in 1446.

2. Korean food culture; Table d’hote

Traditional Korean tables feature multiple main dishes and various side dishes served at the same time.

3. Dynamic Korea

As seen in the Gang-nam style music video, Koreans love to dance, sing and have fun!

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